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About Us

About Us

Know Our Story And How We Work.

My Carnival Match is an innovative online directory offering a variety of modern mobile features and tools to help Caribbean businesses grow their online presence throughout the diaspora. My Carnival Match was founded by Mr. Stepfon Harrington, a seasoned visionary content creator with an eye for innovation. The platform was launched at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic to help businesses.

Designed as a global directory dedicated to Caribbean-owned Small Businesses locally and across the Caribbean.

Our mission is to directly connect businesses to the Caribbean consumer, to find, support, and enjoy their products and services within their community or when traveling for Carnival.

Carnival Go’ers can review and rate services provided by businesses, in turn helping other members of the community make an informed purchase decision. By doing this, we can help build trust within the Caribbean marketplace and elevate the experience of supporting Caribbean-owned Businesses throughout the diaspora.

Carnival Directory
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Caribbean Owned Small Businesses

Connecting Carnival Go'ers to Caribbean-owned Small Businesses Throughout the Diaspora

Connecting Caribbean people

At My Carnival Match, we believe in connecting Caribbean people to businesses, cultural events, and each other.

My Carnival Match was founded by Stepfon Harrington to help Caribbean people, businesses and organizations thrive in the global marketplace. By creating an ecosystem that will connect people through their Caribbean identity and culture to cultivate trust within the Caribbean marketplace, we can all benefit from creating stronger economic ties within our various communities.
The Caribbean Network

Most Caribbean businesses don’t effectively market themselves to Caribbean consumers searching for their products or services. Many are not even aware of the massive amount of money spent in the Caribbean market by Caribbean people. The goal is to bring all these groups together under one umbrella, help them network, and make it easier for them to find each other.

The Business Directory — Caribbean people need reliable, trustworthy businesses to support. By creating a platform where Caribbean people can find, support, enjoy, and review products and services from Caribbean owned businesses we can help build trust within the Caribbean marketplace and elevate the experience of supporting Caribbean-owned Businesses throughout the Diaspora.

Connecting Caribbean People To Each Other

Our Social space is great for connecting with other registered members and Caribbean influencers, especially when you have something in common. Find someone that loves attending Carnivals, love Haitian food. Or find someone who’s interested in learning more about your culture. You can buy and sell items, add other members as a friend, chat, or post photos to share with others. You can also create a group and share information about businesses and events

How we’re helping Caribbean-owned businesses

Trust – Building trust between Caribbean people and Caribbean-owned businesses.


Advertising – Connecting businesses to a targeted Caribbean audience of potential customers who are interested in what they sell throughout the USA, across the Caribbean, and Canada through various digital advertising services.

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