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3 Reviews for Freaks Mas

Jay Perry 1 Reviews
Made my carnival experience the worst

The communication was terrible, lies, run around and all for a costume that was literally glued together, that was worth the money I paid at all!! Then they didn’t have the backpacks and tried to give us a arts and craft project and not offer a refund. I was so disappointed by my costume I literally cried when I saw how beautiful the other masquerade look in there costume.

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Kayb 1 Reviews
Freaks Mas / Altitude Mas section fraudulent and misleading advertisement

I paid $1400 for what I thought was the ultra frontline costume with Altitude Mas. I communicated with them on multiple occasions as I wanted to be clear on what I was paying for. I was blatantly lied to and u charged. A bait and switch. What was delivered to all their masqueraders was a far cry from what was shown online. Upon pick up, the backpack fell apart twice before leaving the premises. Poorly constructed, covered in glue, and they attempted to “fix” garbage in front of me while giving me the excuse “We didn’t make them, we had them made and this is how they were given to us.” THAT IS NO EXCUSE! People paid their hard earned money and this is what you deliver? I WILL BE DISPUTING WITH MY BANK!

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Amanda 1 Reviews
Unorganized, unprofessional Do Not Play with Freaks Mas!

No customer service whatsoever! From management to staff they all have no consideration for their paying customers! This band has to be the absolute worst band ever! I will never spend my money with them again!

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