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Big and Strong Oneislandband “The Ultimate Experience” to clients in the New York region and beyond.


Q Where does the band meet?

The starting point will be on your checklist along with our bands # of appearance in the parade lineup so be sure to read your checklist for specific location (This will be available at costume distribution)

Q Can my husband/wife jump in the band?

One Island Band only allows paying masqueraders to jump in the band. Non-masqueraders may observe from the side-lines outside the band; however, they will not be allowed to participate. Any person attempting to jump in the band without the proper credentials will be escorted out the band by one Island�s Security & Marshalls

Q Can I wear or design my own costume?

No. One island Band does not allow masqueraders to design their own costumes. You MUST wear your full One Island Band's costume together with wristbands in order to be within Band. Any person with only one or the other will be escorted out of the band by our security personnel.

2 Reviews for One Island Body Paint Band

Precious 1 Reviews
Big and Strong

Zero complaints. Everything went smoothly and I had nothing but fun. Even talked to Caroline McIntosh on WhatsApp months before and in person to make sure everything fit perfectly.

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Brodah 2 Reviews
Smooth sailing

Had a great experience playing mas with one island. Section of my choice was Mz akeila. From Product quality, communication, pick up and distribution etc. I’m 100% satisfied, definitely will do it again.

How was this review? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 1