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creating Online Visibility for the
Caribbean community

A space where we can network with each other as well as enjoy all that Caribbean culture has to offer. i.e Carnival!

Additional information

about us

My Carnival Match is an online community that allows Caribbean entrepreneurs and small business owners to list, advertise and sell their products or services online. Business owners can save money by advertising their business for FREE on My Carnival Match Caribbean Business Directory while taking advantage of both Local and Organic SEO techniques and tools to increase their business’s visibility in search engine results.

My Carnival Match Marketplace

provides a cheaper e-commerce solution for Caribbean entrepreneurs and small business owners to sell physical, digital, or bookable products, and services.

Our values

The goal is to help you grow your business by providing you with a platform for promoting your products or services. Our aim is also to create a space where we can come together as one community and network with each other as well as enjoy what life has to offer!

 was created by Stepfon, a Trinidadian entrepreneur who has decided to take full advantage of the power of technology in today’s world. We believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

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We designed our Manage Your Carnival partnership program to help small to medium size Mas bands, Section leaders, and independent designers find new clients, increase revenue, and build an automated registration, custom orders, payments, and fulfillment system as well as a way to protect both the service provided and Masqueraders financial investment on My Carnival Match.
Manage Your Carnival