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Build Your Brand with My Carnival Match
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Boost your brand exposure, reach an audience actively searching online for Caribbean businesses or Carnival-related products and services. Enhance your online visibility, drive traffic and build loyalty with our marketing tools.

A Targeted Audience

One of the biggest advantages of a My Carnival Match is that you gain easier access to your target audience when compared with standard marketplaces. With innovative products, services, and brands being added to global commerce every day, it’s becoming an increasingly crowded market to operate in. Join a more intimate platform that caters to high-intent customers will help you deliver high-quality products or services..

Fewer competitors

Joining My Carnival Match gives you the opportunity to target your service offerings to the right audience without having to compete with other non-related products and services. Because we promote only Caribbean-owned businesses and services, your conversion rates are more likely to improve. This ultimately results in a boost in revenue.

Cost-effective marketing

Because your marketing is more focused on a niche market, finding the right audience is easier and thus cheaper. As a result, you can focus your resources on exploiting your target market more effectively. Your marketing costs get lower while your return on ad spending improves..

Increase Brand Loyalty

My Carnival Match's technology makes it easier for your customers to find you. This is the first step towards creating a personalized customer experience that will keep them coming back.

SEO and Digital Marketing Done for You

One of the most challenging aspects of running a business online is getting visibility. As a small business, you may not have the money or skill to run effective digital marketing and SEO campaigns to get your business noticed. My Carnival Match marketplaces allow businesses to leverage the SEO efforts of our platform and benefit from the success of our digital marketing campaigns.

Online Storefront

Ready to sell online? Open a storefront with My Carnival Match eCommerce platform.

forums and groups

Promote your website and business listing to your audience, members and visitors by sharing tips and ideas

Caribbean Restaurants

With our powerful marketing tools, you can display your menu and add food ordering links to Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Door Dash. You can also offer discounts on the whole menu, or promote specific dishes.

Caribbean Carnival Mas Bands

Resell costumes that customers have not claimed Connect to your preferred payment provider and manage all transactions from your dashboard. Let customers make deposits with cash, credit or digital wallets. Set up automatic recurring payments to increase customer retention.

local businesses

Customers look for what they need online. My Carnival Match helps you get found when people search. Claim your page and get Verified, update your business information so it stays correct across the web


Give clients a way to book your services, make a deposit, or pay online.

Having difficulty with your business website? We provide Caribbean small businesses with website customization, updates, SEO, Google Analytics setup, and more

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We help business owners confidently care for their businesses — knowing what to do and when to do it, to market it in the right way.

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Meeting & Planning

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Content Strategy

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Create Content

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Play Video

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Boster Branding 88%
Ads Insight 96%

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We designed our Manage Your Carnival partnership program to help small to medium size Mas bands, Section leaders, and independent designers find new clients, increase revenue, and build an automated registration, custom orders, payments, and fulfillment system as well as a way to protect both the service provided and Masqueraders financial investment on My Carnival Match.
Manage Your Carnival

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