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Kaseys Costume Couriers Claimed


5.0/51 Reviews
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Let Kaseys Costume Couriers pick up and deliver your costume to your door when it comes to Trinidad carnival costume distribution.

Carnival Season 2022-2023 is in full swing, and we are here to relieve you of some stress! You may or may not have learned by now that picking up a costume for Trinidad Carnival can be daunting.

You got your flight, hotel, costume, and fetes. Now just the last thing: YOUR COSTUME PICK UP!!

…And this is where we come in!

Most bands do not offer a pickup or delivery service, we are here to make the process seamless for you. Once you have registered for your respective band, and you have paid for your costume in full, you will have the opportunity to authorize a person to pick up your costume.

By employing us as your pick-up service, we will wait in line so you don’t have to. We will secure your costume and deliver it safely to one of our drop-off locations or to your lodging of choice.

We have limited vouchers available, so you will want to make sure you’ve paid for your voucher before you name us as your authorized pick-up person. Once you’ve purchased your voucher, we will email you the name of the person who will pick up and drop off your costume.


Refund Policy

Refund requests should be directed to the business owner.
Processing fees are nonrefundable.

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Q What type of Service do you provide?

By employing KCC as your pick up service, we will wait in line so you don't have to, secure your costume, and deliver it safely to your location.

1 Review for Kaseys Costume Couriers

1 Reviews
KCC was great! Excellent customer service!

I was very impressed with KCC’s, their service is very reliable and affordable, they confirmed everything I paid for was in my package before leaving costume distribution, and delivered my Miami Carnival costume to me, the whole process was great. I will definitely be using them again in the future!

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